ECO FAMILY RANGE will offer a full service shooting and training facility.

Archery lanes for the various types of bow/ cross bow hunters and recreational archery target shooters.

Air Rifle Lanes (Separate from firearms range)

On Site Repair service by a professional Gunsmith and Archery Pro.

Custom metal fabrication shop that can re-produce antique parts, custom modification and repair of firearms for legal use by our customers. Re-production of broken, or worn parts can be much more cost efficient and timely rather than waiting for a manufacture to produce a part.

EFR will manufacture targeting equipment that is currently popular in the industry. (Commonly known as “poppers” “spinners” and “Jacks”. Custom firearms, knives, and custom modifications will be completed based on design requests by our customer(s). EFR is fully licensed and bonded to manufacture firearms and associated parts as well as ammunition and many other custom and retail items. We will not offer any production line firearms, but will design commemorative, custom firearms upon request for Public Safety, Military members, and other honorary.

Rental Equipment for all associated activities of ECO FAMILY RANGE. Firearms, Compound Bows, and air powered rifles and pistols.

EFR’s retail store offer’s 7,500 square feet of products and supplies.

EFR retail sales include but are not limited to firearms, both new and used, archery goods, as well as other related retail items; targets, cleaning material, ammunition, firearms’ accessories, hunting, holsters, outdoor wear, emergency survival, etc.

Continual training classes, Lectures, and Work Shop styled teaching forums related to firearms, archery, and self-defense. EFR has two full size 30 student classrooms as well as open area for ground (self-defense) training. Classes will be pre-scheduled and posed at least one month prior to the start. Various training classes involving women’s firearms safety, self-defense, Family protection from the “Home Invasion predator”, and Surviving random, active shooters, will be scheduled on a regular basis, and developed to instruct beginners and advanced student skill levels. Keep an eye on our web site for scheduled classes. Fees are associated with most training and will be posted during the registration period. Look for well-known professionals who may be contracted to teach your favorite subject.

EFR is licensed and approved by ATF to manufacture and sell our trademarked brands and accessories. This will include the custom fabrication and production of Simi-automatic pistols and carbine style rifles on a limited basis. (No-production line runs) Custom fabrications, parts and single, specific orders will be given preference in order to maintain the highest standards of quality.